Signal boost for GamePhobias, a wiki-style website dedicated to categorizing games based on content and trigger warnings. Users can either view content warning categories to find games that do and don’t contain the triggering content, or search for specific games to see exactly what content warnings are attached to that title (as well as brief, almost exclusively non-graphic descriptions as to specific scenes/levels containing that content).

It’s a very, very new wiki (IIRC it launched late August) and so its offerings are very paltry right now, and I would seriously encourage anyone with experience with games, wikis, and/or both to contribute however they can.

I’m writing up a review for FFXIV right now, and I seriously encourage anyone who can do this to help out!! This is SUPER helpful to people with triggers and I’m going to use it in the future.

Don’t ignore this, I know gamer culture doesn’t care about mentally ill people but you guys should try to be better than that.

zealotarchaeologist replied to your post:this is a thing now apparently which makes me feel…

ah, i wish this tag had existed when i was actually in the fandom because i would feel…odd about using it now. but it’s very nice to see.

i guess im glad it exists at all cause im soooo apprehensive about exploring any fictive or kin tags at all ever because every time ive checked they’ve always been full of people being shitty, all the time

but this one is new and fine so far so im glad its a thing ive been feelin like this but not talkin about it for a solid 4-5 months


In 1983, Marvel published a comic book called “Spider-Ham,” featuring Peter Porker. Source


In 1983, Marvel published a comic book called “Spider-Ham,” featuring Peter Porker. Source

this is a thing now apparently which makes me feel somewhat better

if you didnt guess from url and icon im yamada

i dont really talk about this stuff much since i generally feel embarrassed by it but. hey. im here.

mmmm hi res character portraits


why would you hate fictionkin. people always talk about how they want fictional characters to be real well. Here We Are

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please, and thanks